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Reward Your Hands & Feet With Serenity Spa’s Manicure and Pedicure Services

Nothing feels as good as knowing you’re completely reenergized and renewed from your face to your body and all the way down to your nails. 
Here at Serenity Spa, we offer a wide range of manicure and pedicure services that you can avail of to treat, rejuvenate, and beautify your hands and feet during your stay at Waterton. 

Enjoy Luscious Hands & Feet In Waterton Park Alberta
Reward Your Hands and Feet With a Relaxing Serenity Mani & Pedi Services

Signature Serenity Manicure

Forget away the worries with the world with our Signature Serenity Manicure treatment that begins with a luxurious hand scrub and massage. Our fresh organic hand scrub and mask softens and hydrates your hands, while the massage relieves away the tension from the elbows to the fingertips. Afterwards, proper nail care and polish application then follows.

Signature Serenity Pedicure

After a tiring day of long walks, it’s time you give the proper relaxing treatment to your feet with our Signature Serenity Pedicure treatment. This lavish pedicure begins with a sanitizing herbal footbath, using a luxurious sugar scrub and mask that softens, hydrates, and nourishes your tired feet. A healing foot wrap also helps in softening the soles, as well as diminishing calluses with a massage infused with antioxidants and nutrients. Proper nail care and polish application then follows afterwards.   
Rate: $85

Classic Manicure

Renew and beautify your nails with our Classic Manicure service, beginning with a warm soak to soften your cuticles and nails. Our nail technicians would then groom your nails to perfection and top it off with a moisturizing massage. Afterwards, you can have groomed and polished nails with the color of your choice. 

Classic Pedicure

Your tired feet deserve a quick yet luxurious treatment with our Classic Pedicure service, which starts with a calming footbath. Afterwards, you’re treated to a proper nail grooming, exfoliation, and a light massage that will surely leave you with smoother skin and a more serene disposition. Nails are then buffed or polished to perfection. 

Mini Manicure

Designed for our mini spa goers or guests on the go, our Mini Manicure service provides a quick yet thorough way of grooming and beautifying your nails. It includes shaping and trimming of nails, as well as proper cuticle grooming and followed by polish application with the color of your choice.  

Mini Pedicure

Created for our mini spa goers as well as guests on the go, our Mini Pedicure service provides a fast yet efficient way of grooming and beautifying your feet. This service involves shaping and trimming of nails, followed by cuticle grooming and polish application with the color of your choice. 

The Medi-Pedi

Take your foot treatment to the next level with our unique Medi-Pedi service. Our medical hand and feet procedure is specially designed to address, assess, and treat numerous foot and nail ailments. We exclusively use a medical grade line of products by Footlogix. 
The Medi-Pedi treatment involves the following services: foot soak, cuticle removal, callus removal, assessment of problematic areas, nail buffing, foot and leg scrub, paraffin, relaxing foot and leg massage, grooming, and polish application. 

Reward Yourself with a Luxurious Mani & Pedi Service

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