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Get the Lavish Relaxation You Deserve With Serenity Spa Massage

A sensory journey unlike any other, Serenity Spa’s array of Massage services and treatments is guaranteed to give you a deep sense of relaxation and peace. 
Our team of highly-trained therapists would be glad to provide you the very best revitalizing service depending on your choice of massage treatment. 
Whether you’re looking to unwind or to revitalize yourself, our world-class Massage Services here at Serenity Spa are sure to leave you feeling as good as new once again. 

Serenity Spa Massage Services

Signature Serenity Massage

After a long day of touring and sightseeing, you definitely deserve to unwind and treat yourself to our sumptuous Signature Serenity Massage. 

Fully surrender to a session of ultimate pampering. Our skilled therapists will take you on a sensory journey of transcendence and a whole new level of relaxation. We offer traditional European massage that would calm your nervous system, reduce stress, improve circulation, all whilst leaving you feeling peaceful and revitalized.

50 mins - $120 
80 mins - $165


Enter a wondrous realm of peace and tranquility with our Aromatherapy massage services with the help of rich blends of essential oils extracted from plants.
These oils have long been used to induce relaxation and to remedy bodily ailments. Just choose from our selection of essential oils and our trained therapists would gladly provide you with a deep level of calm and serenity created upon the stimulation of your sense of touch and smell. 

 50 mins - $120
 80 mins - $170

Deep Tissue Massage

Should you find yourself in need of a much deeper and more complex level of massage treatment, look no further for our Deep Tissue Massage services will be able to satiate your body’s need for intense stimulation.
Recommended for the massage veteran, this massage treatment is designed for individuals desiring a more detailed bodywork. Let our highly trained therapists apply firm pressure and kneading movements that will help in relieving your stressed muscles. 
 50 mins - $140
 80 mins - $190

Jade Stone Massage

Achieve a mystical level of pampering and relaxation with the help of south wind jade stones as you avail of our Jade Stone Massage service. 
Utilizing assorted sizes of jade stones at varying temperatures, our therapists then apply them onto the body coupled with aromatherapy massage techniques to promote relaxation and vitality, while releasing toxins and inflammation from your body. 

 50 mins - $135
 80 mins - $185

Couples Massage

What better way to complete your Waterton retreat than to indulge in a Couples Massage treatment? This unique, rhythmic massage is performed by two highly trained therapists, providing you with an unforgettable quality time with your loved one.
A true treat for your and your special someone’s senses, our Couples Massage therapy includes hot towel treatment, providing an intensive treatment bound to revitalize and rejuvenate you afterwards. 
 50 mins - $220
 80 mins - $310

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Massage 

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