Nail Enhancement Services In Waterton Village

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Beautify Your Nails In An Instant With Serenity Spa’s Nail Enhancement Services

Add a bit of vibrant twist to your nails with the help of our Nail Enhancement services here at Serenity full service day spa. Whether you’re looking to attend a special gathering at Waterton or you simply want to indulge during your stay, we have got you covered when it comes to beautifying your nails to perfection.
Our highly trained nail technicians will provide you with the very best treatments using nothing but the safest nail salon tools and nail enhancement methods. All you need to do is to choose your service of choice and just sit back and relax as we give your nails the luxurious treatment it deserves. 

Nail Enhancement Services:

Hand/Foot Paraffin

Treat your hands and feet to a soothing paraffin treatment. Packed with essential oils, the paraffin wax gently opens up your pores and takes away dead skin cells and other impurities stuck on your skin. You’ll leave with softer and cleaner hands and feet after this relaxing treatment.

French Polish

Achieve minimalist yet very sophisticated looking nails by opting for our French Polish service. This classic favorite goes with just about any outfit and occasion, not to mention, it does make your hands and feet look very cleaned and well maintained.

Polish Change

Looking to make a quick color change to your nails? Our Polish Change service allows you to do exactly that. Simply choose from our wide range of nail polish colors and have the vacation-perfect nails you’ve always wanted in no time. 


Shellac Polish

Known to be more durable and long-lasting than your regular nail polish, Shellac Polish provides you with no-fuss nail color that stays on and won’t budge for long. We use nothing but the best and safest tools in giving you perfectly gel manicured nails. 

Get Fancy-looking Nails with our Nail Enhancement Services

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